Severe Weather

Nelson County Historical Society

This week Nelson County is marking the 50th anniversary of an epic storm that dropped at least 25-30 inches of rain on the Blue Ridge Mountains in a single night, causing floods and landslides that killed 150 people statewide.  Forecasters were caught by surprise, but today meteorologists say the disaster was caused by several forces converging on a single area. 

Don Askew

It’s been 50 years since Hurricane Camille shocked the nation – killing 150 people on the Gulf Coast and an equal number here in Virginia.  That category five storm smashed into the coasts of Mississippi and Louisiana, then headed north to the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Nelson County Historical Society

Fifty years ago today, Nelson County was hit by a storm of historic proportions – a hurricane that, without warning, claimed 124 lives.  More than 25 inches of rain fell overnight, causing slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains to erode.


A small community west of Charlottesville is cleaning up after a short but dangerous storm last week.

Nick Gilmore / RADIO IQ

When you think of a hurricane and its potential impacts, you may not first associate those risks with an inland city like Roanoke. That’s something that officials at the National Hurricane Center are trying to change.