United States Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court

Virginia’s Legal Aid Justice Center goes before the U.S. Supreme Court Monday to argue for people seeking asylum in the U.S.   Thousands are forced to wait in detention centers for months or years until a decision in their case is made. 

Southern Environmental Law Center

Environmentalists will be back before the Supreme Court Monday, arguing that the Atlantic Coast Pipeline should not be built under the Appalachian Trail.  The court will have to decide whether the AT is National Park Service land.

University of Virginia

A University of Virginia professor and eight of his students will be in court tomorrow – the U.S. Supreme Court to be exact – arguing a case of possible importance to people hoping to collect social security.

350z33 at English Wikipedia

Did Republicans in Virginia’s General Assembly pack black voters into a dozen House of Delegates districts to dilute their influence elsewhere? That’s the argument that justices of the Supreme Court heard today. 

Virginia Transgender Teen's Case Will Go to Supreme Court

Oct 31, 2016
Steve Helber / AP


A transgender teen from Virginia will be fighting to use the bathroom of his choice in front of the Supreme Court. 


Gavin Grimm, a 17-year-old from Gloucester County, was barred from using the boy’s restroom at his high school because he was born female. 

Federal judges stepped in, saying Grimm should be able to use the bathroom of his choice. But the school board appealed that decision, and the Supreme Court announced Friday they will hear the case.