Update: On January 12th, VCU announced it would begin offering COVID-19 vaccinations to students in clinical and patient-facing environments.

The school estimates about 2,100 students will qualify.


A new study from Virginia Commonwealth University suggests the death rate from COVID-19 is higher than reported.  Sandy Hausman spoke with its lead author about the under-count, what some states have done wrong during the pandemic and how this state has performed.


Doctors at Virginia Commonwealth University say they may have an effective treatment for COVID-19 and other viruses – a medication already tested in people with cancer. 

There’s new evidence today that alcoholism is a disease, and at Virginia Commonwealth University, one professor of medicine says treatment could involve a transplant. 

Virginia Commonwealth University

Making pharmaceuticals is a labor intensive job, so more than 70% of the medications Americans take are coming from China and India, where labor costs are low. 

Now, however, Virginia Commonwealth University has set out to bring the process home.