This is Teacher Appreciation Week, and Virginia Commonwealth University says a number of its graduates deserve special thanks.  They serve in the state’s poorest schools – places where resources are limited and teacher-turnover is high. 

Two new reports suggest Virginia schools are increasingly segregated by race and economic status.  For many kids that means less access to educational opportunities.

Virginia Department of Health

The mild 2020-21 flu season offered a bit of relief amid the hundreds of thousands of deaths from the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean it will be the same during the next flu season.

Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center

After a year of deaths from COVID-19, researchers say that the toll is significantly higher, from both unaccounted deaths from COVID and mortality indirectly caused by the pandemic. 


Update: On January 12th, VCU announced it would begin offering COVID-19 vaccinations to students in clinical and patient-facing environments.

The school estimates about 2,100 students will qualify.