It’s not unusual for people to lose some degree of hearing and vision as they age, and it turns out our sense of smell also declines over time. 

Accidents and disease might also be to blame when people have trouble detecting odors. 

Until now, there have been no good treatments, but scientists at Virginia Commonwealth University say they may have a solution. 

Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond will give more resources to community college students, who transfer to the university studying in STEM fields. That’s thanks to a new one-million dollar grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

VCU Marks 50 Years Of Impact On Richmond

Jun 22, 2018

These days the city of Richmond is quickly becoming synonymous with two colors - black and gold.  

Virginia Commonwealth University, or VCU, will celebrate its 50th anniversary on July 1. How did this school with two campuses and the motto “Make it Real” come to be?

Benjamin Colteaux

With the coming of spring, snapping turtles have emerged from their winter homes in the mud,  ready to reproduce and to spend the summer trolling ponds, lakes, rivers and streams.  They’re a hearty species with few natural enemies.  Now, however, turtles which can live more than a hundred years are in danger. 

Annoyed residents in a Norfolk neighborhood are calling for a grand jury to investigate a footbridge. And Virginia Commonwealth University is under pressure to increase pay for part-time teachers in its nationally-acclaimed art school.