VA Voters Choose New Direction for Redistricting

Nov 4, 2020

 Virginians have voted to change the way congressional districts are drawn in Virginia.  For centuries, these districts have been designed to favor the party in power, a practice known as Gerrymandering. But that’s about to change, in time for the 2020 final census. Robbie Harris reports.


 This year, Virginia is seeing a record number of votes cast before election day. And that’s going to change everything about what we once called, “Election Night.”

A new Virginia Tech study suggests large outbreaks of Coronavirus at colleges and universities will continue to grow unless certain behaviors change. Researchers  looked at millions of simulations of interactions by students living on campus that suggest, large outbreaks are likely to spread – and fast.


Solar electricity in Virginia is growing fast in some parts of the commonwealth but more slowly in others. A state mandate to be ‘carbon neutral by 2050,’ signed into law earlier this year, means more renewable energy will be needed to meet that goal.  Robbie Harris reports.

Arthur Rothstein/Library of Congress

In the 1940s and 50s, calling the doctor to come out to your house or heading to a hospital could be difficult in rural Virginia. So a lot of parents used old fashioned home remedies to treat their children’s’ ailments.

As part of our occasional oral history series, Robbie Harris has this look back.