Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Solar energy in Southwestern Virginia is expected to increase, now that the utility that serves the region, Appalachian Power, may be lifting long held restrictions on solar energy production on schools and government buildings. 

The Nature Conservency

Southwestern Virginia has a long history of coal mining, but its energy future is a work in progress.  A pilot project is underway to transform former coal mines into six, solar electricity plants, in the central Appalachian coalfields.

How do you go home again, when home is no longer there? A new documentary on a small mountain community called Rock Castle Gorge is about  a place that lost its town, but not its story.

This year’s, graduation ceremonies may look more like a masked ball, but the pomp and circumstance will be more poignant than ever, with schools hosting smaller, in person and virtual ceremonies, to celebrate the new grads.

Credit Chelsea Barnes/Appalachian Voices

For decades, a committed conglomeration of environmental activists in Virginia and around the country has been working toward this moment:  A presidential promise to transition to clean energy and funding to create new economies in coal country.