Arthur Rothstein/Library of Congress

In the 1940s and 50s, calling the doctor to come out to your house or heading to a hospital could be difficult in rural Virginia. So a lot of parents used old fashioned home remedies to treat their children’s’ ailments.

As part of our occasional oral history series, Robbie Harris has this look back.

Hugging in a Pandemic

Aug 16, 2020
Virginia Tech

In a time of social distancing, a lot of what makes us social creatures is off limits.  Take hugging, an act of affection and affirmation of a person special to you.  

But as scientists learn more about how coronavirus behaves in the environment, there are ways to make emotional and physical contact safely. 


The traditional college move-in day is getting a make-over.  Some schools are staggering arrival dates, others are not offering any on-campus classes until further notice.

Different institutions are each making their own plans but one thing they share is that all of it will be subject to change.

Virginia Tech

 If going back to school in person is to be safe, community transmission of coronavirus must be under control. That’s according to a leading expert on how this virus spreads through the air.

Science on Tap

A group of Black intellectuals is working to increase the visibility of Black scientists and urge more to consider making it a career. They’re holding a virtual gathering this Thursday as part of “Science on Tap” in the New River Valley.