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U.S. Capital law enforcement is on high alert in case of more violent actions against the government.  Part of the problem is the easy spread of  conspiracy theories. They’re becoming more prevalent and potentially, -- calls to action.  Researchers at Virginia Tech have been working on ways to debunk untrue theories and stop the spread of the kind of disinformation that threatens the Republic.

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New research out of West Virginia University says trees are now taking up more Carbon Dioxide than ever recorded. And because forests are the planet’s carbon sink, trees all over the world are actually growing larger to keep up with rising CO2. 

It’s day 901 of the Mountain Valley gas pipeline protest. Tree sitters have been perched above its path and authorities are making plans to remove them. There are now just two remaining tree sitters, who say they will continue to refuse to come down from the treetops.


Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park is growing.  It comes courtesy of sizeable payout from one of the largest environmental damage settlements in Virginia’s history.

Green Groups Challenge Resuming Construction on MVP

Jan 12, 2021

Conservation groups are fighting yesterday’s decision by the United States Department of Agriculture, allowing construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline to resume as soon as possible.  If they get the green light, workers would begin cutting a one-hundred foot wide swath of trees along a three and a half mile section of Jefferson National Forest.  Robbie Harris has more.