Linda Edmonds Turner / Special Collections and University Archives, Virginia Tech

In 1936, Virginia became the first state to open a park system, notable for being "not more than an hour’s" drive from anywhere in the Commonwealth. But for Black Virginians, no amount of drive time would have gotten them past the entrance.


Philosophy has been described as ‘not so much a subject area itself, but rather a set of tools for thinking clearly about difficult or obscure problems.’ Life in the time of coronavirus begs for those tools.  

Kurt Holtz

 Large, industrial meat processing plants are now ‘hot spots’ for spreading Coronavirus.  Some have closed while the industry grapples with how to provide safety for workers, causing shortages at supermarkets. But sales at some small, local farms in southwestern Virginia are booming like never before.

Scientists at Virginia Tech are exploring how conditions like epilepsy and autism may be affected when brain cells, normally programmed to heal brain injuries, do the opposite.

Telemedicine can only go so far.  For something like eyecare, you usually have to make an ‘in person’ visit to the doctor’s office.  But in an effort to see patients and keep infection from spreading, a Blacksburg Ophthalmologist will be doing drive-through appointments. Robbie Harris has more.