Virginia History

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Alleged misconduct at an archeological site in central Virginia is prompting legislation to create stricter standards for historical digs. 

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Thursday Virginia’s Governor honored two powerhouse African-American lawyers, men whose work laid the foundation for the Civil Rights Movement. 

This week Americans sit down to a big family meal, traditionally connected with the history of the Pilgrims in Massachusetts.

But Virginia has a correction to the Thanksgiving historical record. 

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In Central Virginia, at a point where two rivers merge, there’s a little-known site with great historical value. For centuries, it was home to the chief village of the Monacan Indian Nation. 

But today the Monacan Tribe is fighting to keep the area untouched as officials in Fluvanna and Louisa Counties push to put a water pump there. 

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400 years ago the first enslaved Africans arrived to English North America. That moment would set the trajectory of a nation. 

The story begins in 1619 in western Africa, when a village is raided and the people that lived there are put on a ship and forced to go to the New World. Through piracy and storms, about twenty of them eventually land in Point Comfort, Virginia. Today the site is called Fort Monroe and it’s a National Monument.