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Virginia Economy is Ok, National Economy Not So Much According to New Survey

Virginia Chamber of Commerce

Virginia’s Chamber of Commerce surveyed a number of likely voters last week on several different issues, one of which was the economy. 

According to the survey, the majority of Virginian’s are positive about the current status of the state’s economy. The same, however, cannot be said on the national level. B.J. Martino is with the organization that conducted the survey:

“Here you see a significantly different response. 39% only say the economy nationally is headed in the right direction. 55% say things are off on the wrong track.”

Similarly, 59% of the survey’s respondents were in favor of expanding trade with other countries, but 45% of the respondents opposed the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

In addition to the economy, the survey asked respondents for their opinions on things such as Virginia’s right to work law, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, and whether the Washington Redskins should move to Virginia.

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