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Over the past several years, Virginia has seen its share of mass shootings, targeted killings, high-profile suicides, and a growing number of crimes all associated with both mental health and criminal justice.

To address what some have labeled an epidemic, the state has created a new Center for Behavioral Health and Justice.  And, it’s a means to streamline and coordinate resources and services. 

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We’ve heard about how drones can be utilized in delivering supplies to remote locations - but in some emergency situations, they also tend to get in the way. 

Tyson Leroy is a pilot at Carilion Lifeguard 11. He was recently dispatched to the site of a tractor trailer accident - and while he was waiting for his crew to give him the word to take off or burn fuel, he noticed something.

“I had an aircraft that rose up from the crowd above me, probably at a lateral distance of 700, 500 feet or so.”

Texting is now a routine part of life for many people - especially teenagers, who often sleep with their phones so they don’t miss anything. 

At Virginia Commonwealth University, social scientists are looking at positive ways to use the power of texting with teens.

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Year after year, we discover new things about human behavior, the ways we learn, think and behave, but how accurate are those studies?  A team in Virginia set out to answer that question -to see if the study were done again, would findings be the same.  What they found has shaken the world of social science.

UVA to Craft Guidelines for Healthy Places

Aug 19, 2015

You’ve probably heard about the Green Building Council – a group that introduced LEED certification to reward and encourage environmentally friendly construction.  Now, the University of Virginia is teaming up with the council to create guidelines for designing healthy homes, buildings and communities. 

When Dr. Matthew Trowbridge first began his pediatric practice, he thought a lot about how to protect children from sickness and injury.