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Trump Draws Fans & Protesters at Radford University

AP Photo/Steve Helber

With Super Tuesday, historically a make or break moment in presidential primaries, everyone will be watching what happens tomorrow at the polls. In the latest public opinion poll, taken 2 weeks ago by Christopher Newport University, Hillary Clinton holds a majority over Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary. Donald Trump leads all contenders in the Virginia Republican primary.

“I want smart leadership for this country.  Our country is being killed because we have stupid people leading our country. We have people that don’t know what they’re doing. They don’t know what they’re doing.”

Trump spoke to a crowd of about 3,000.  His nearly one-hour talk, was interrupted more than half-a-dozen times by Hecklers. When another voice rang out in the room, Trump first thought it was yet another Heckler, but it was a supporter asking about the future of coal

“What this president and what the E-P-A has done to our energy and done to our coal industry is ridiculous.  –We sell coal – the coalmines are dying—but the only coal we get is coal to China. Do you think they clean the coal?  Believe me they don’t. All right, we’re going to bring the coal industry back 1-hundred percent.”

Even though Trump is ahead in the latest Christopher Newport university poll.  He also has the highest unfavorable rating at 64 percent,.  In that poll from mid February, Marco Rubio had the highest favorable rating at 40 percent. By comparison Hillary Clinton's favorable rating is 33%, with 59% unfavorable.

Jason Kelly is a professor of Political Science at Virginia Tech

“To me, the most interesting things is, on the Republican side, I think there is going to be a really close race between Rubio and Trump.  Marco Rubio has the most endorsements. It looks like Rubio is going to give it a surge and it looks like we’re going to see a close race and I wouldn't’ be terribly surprised to see Rubio win. Nor would I be surprised to see Trump win.”

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