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Kelsea Pieters has worked as a reporter and producer for WVTF since March 2014. She regularly contributes feature and news stories and produces Back to the Blue Ridge with Kinney Rorrer. Kelsea graduated from Roanoke College in 2013 with a BA in Communication.

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Florida Senator and Republican Presidential candidate Marco Rubio made four stops throughout Virginia this weekend, ending the day with a visit to Roanoke College in Salem. Kelsea Pieters reports on this milestone event for the school.

Marco Rubio is the first significant presidential candidate to visit Roanoke College, prompting students of all parties to partake in this historic moment for their school.

Rally-goers began lining up hours early – some came to challenge their current pick, some already confirmed Rubio fans, and some who are…undecided.

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Washington and Lee University hosts one of the country’s most prestigious mock political conventions every presidential election year, and 2016’s begins today.

Washington and Lee University has been predicting the out-of-office party Presidential nominee with notable accuracy since 1908. In fact, they’ve only been wrong twice since 1948 - that year they chose Arthur Vandenberg over eventual nominee Thomas Dewey, and in 2008 they predicted Hillary Clinton would win the nomination over Barack Obama.

What if high-schoolers in Virginia could take a computer programming class instead of French or Spanish? Lawmakers in Richmond are considering allowing that swap, as one way to get more kids into computer science.

With talk of gigahertz and infinite loops, Intro to Computer Programming at Henrico County’s Deep Run High School, certainly sounds like a foreign language class. And if some Virginia lawmakers get their way, it could also count as a foreign language.

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The SEC Primary, or Super Tuesday, is upon us – that’s when Virginians will take to the polls to select both Republican and Democratic presidential nominees. A new poll revealing what voters in the Commonwealth are thinking in the weeks before March 1st.

The poll was conducted out of the Roanoke College Institute for Policy and Opinion Research before the Iowa Caucus took place. More than 500 voters were interviewed – and Institute Director Harry Wilson says, Virginian’s aren’t feeling too good about their options:

“We’re not viewing any of the candidates favorably”

A plan to relocate two slave cabins at the former site of a plantation in Botetourt County has prompted members of the historical society there - and some residents - to take action.

Greenfield Plantation was established in the mid-18th century by Colonel William Preston, a revolutionary war veteran, member of the House of Burgesses, and surveyor westward lands. Though the plantation itself burned down in 1959, two slave quarters remain. Ann Layman, Vice President of the Botetourt County Historical Society, says their proximity to the home is historically significant.