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Deadline Looms for VA's Legislation

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It's crunch time for Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, who is facing a deadline this weekend. By Monday morning, he'll have to have finished considering all the laws passed by the General Assembly this year.

That's more than 800 bills, a huge undertaking for the governor and his deputies. Stephen Farnsworth at the University of Mary Washington says many of those bill will be routine and won't require a lot of scrutiny.

"Some of the others will require a lot of scrutiny, and the way that we do business in Virginia it means a lot of last minute decision-making by the governor."

McAuliffe has spent the last few weeks on a veto tour of sorts, appearing at a Planned Parenthood office in Richmond to announce his veto of a bill that would defund that organization. This week, he appeared at Alexandria City Hall to veto a bill that would have done away with firearm training for victims of domestic abuse who want a concealed carry permit.

"For lawmakers of both parties, this session has been win-win. The Republicans propose things that are popular with their base, and the governor vetoes things that are popular with his."

Lawmakers will return to Richmond on April 20 to consider the governor's vetoes. Theoretically they could overturn any of the governor's vetoes, but Republicans would need more than a dozen Democratic senators to make that happen.


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