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Virginia Early Voting Underway

Roanoke voter Jeanne Duddy has a busy schedule around November 2nd. And she already knows who she wants to win at the top of the ticket this fall. "I hope it gives us a Republican governor," she said.

Duddy was part of a slow but steady trickle of early voters Friday, according to Roanoke registrar Andrew Cochrane. "We have been well-prepared, and we started kinda of slow," Cochrane admitted. "We had a few people in line as of 8 o’clock which was good."

Some Democratic officeholders in Western Virginia gathered at the registrar’s office to push early voting. Delegate Sam Rasoul was among them. "No matter who you’re voting for, but try to vote blue, take advantage of this opportunity to get your vote in to ensure that it’s done well and safely," Rasoul told the group

Voting by mail remains an option. But unlike last year during the official public health emergency, a completed ballot will require a witness signature.

One new choice, according to Radford registrar Tracy Howard, is that you can ask to vote by mail from now on. "And if the voter chooses that option, we’ll mail a ballot to them for every election in which they’re entitled."

Early in-person voting ends October 30th.

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