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Virginia's Lorax will keep planting trees

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As a freshman in high school, Evan Nied founded Planting Shade, a group committed to more trees on the planet.

Evan Nied has loved trees for as long as he can remember.

“I’m Jewish and I was born on Tu Bishvat, which is the holiday for trees, so I’ve always felt a connection to trees because of that," he explains, "but it wasn’t until Hurricane Florence, which forced me and my family to evacuate the 757-area temporarily that inspired me to do something that would improve my local ecosystem.”

He thinks of himself as a human Lorax, who – like the character created by Dr. Seuss – was the protector of trees everywhere.

As a freshman in high school, he set up a non-profit called Planting Shade which has now put more than 12,000 trees in the ground and established eleven chapters in – among other places – Richmond, Fredericksbug and Virginia Beach.

“It’s really incredible to have planted these small saplings that are now at my height or taller after three years,” Nied says.

As a freshman with a full scholarship to UVA, he plans to continue his work perhaps using prize money he got this summer from a group that rewards Jewish teenagers helping to heal the world. Fifteen of them met in San Francisco and collected $36,000 apiece.

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