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It’s no secret the coal economy is changing, and as it declines, so do the livelihoods of people and families who’ve worked in the industry for generations. Now, coal states across the country are working together on a community driven, economic transition for the people and places where coal was once king.

The developers of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline have announced they are canceling the multi-state natural gas project due to delays and “increasing cost uncertainty.”


For the first time in history, the U.S. is on track to produce more electricity from renewable energy than from coal, according to a new government report. States around the country have been passing clean energy laws  and Virginia did so earlier this year.  But  in southwestern Virginia coal country, there are caps on the amount of solar power that can be produced.

Central Appalachia, once home to a bustling coal industry is today riddled with abandoned mine lands. But efforts continue to re-purpose and transform them into economic drivers for the future.  In southwestern Virginia many projects are in the planning phase, some are under way, and many more are in the works. 

Solar Energy for SWVA

Nov 30, 2017

A new organization called ‘The Solar Energy Work Group,’ is offering help to homeowners and business owners to install solar energy on their property. It has come up with a roadmap for a solar-based economy in Southwestern Virginia that includes workforce training in the region and the promise of jobs to go with it.