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Virginia has become the first state to pass mandated health and safety standards for workplaces, amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Labor activists are celebrating the new enforceable standards. 


Virginia is considering strict new workplace safety requirements for businesses that are now reopening. And, the proposed standard is controversial in the business community.

Embracing Black Owned Businesses

Jun 23, 2020
Cat Modlin-Jackson

As people across the world took to the streets to declare that Black Lives Matter, the owner of a small bookstore in Martinsville shared a message that rocked the internet.

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Big-box stores and shopping centers can get your attention with flashy Black Friday ads and sales. But local, independent retailers hope to appeal to your sense of community with Small Business Saturday.

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On any given night, more than 7,000 people in Virginia are homeless. It’s not easy to find work when you have no permanent address, but a new program in Charlottesville aims to help people who are homeless start a business.