Fredericksburg SPCA

Even before Hurricane Laura hit Texas, Virginia was opening its doors to refugees from the storm. 

Dozens of dogs and cats are now at local animal shelters waiting for permanent homes.

Virginia Public Access Project

A long-hidden piece of history in Fredericksburg is now being recognized thanks to the work of a group of volunteers.  And in response to a letter from the governor, Lee County says its name has no connection to the Confederacy.

City of Fredericksburg

The auction block in downtown Fredericksburg where enslaved people were once sold has been removed by the city.

Sandy Hausman/Radio IQ

The Virginia Supreme Court has rejected a petition to prohibit the city of Fredericksburg from moving a historic slave auction block.

Sandy Hausman/Radio IQ

Fredericksburg’s city council will be in court February 10th, defending its decision to move a slave auction block from a busy corner downtown to a local museum. 

Critics say the artifact isn’t given the respect it deserves at its current location, but neighboring businesses claim moving it would deprive them of customers.