Hampton Roads

Matthew Fossum

As a regional transportation authority prepares to expand the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel complex, scientists are warning that failing to deal with thousands of sea birds in the area could be disastrous. 

Chelsea Weithman

In 1957 a regional transit authority finished an ambitious project – a roadway, bridge and tunnel on Interstate 64 connecting Hampton to Norfolk. 

It’s an important route for locals and for anyone heading to the Eastern Shore or the Outer Banks. It’s also a bottle neck the region hopes to open with the Commonwealth’s largest construction project ever.

For neighborhoods along the Atlantic coast and the Chesapeake Bay, recurrent flooding that comes with climate change makes it hard to navigate, especially during seasonal high tides and more frequent extreme wind events like Nor'easters.

Now, the Virginia Institute of Marine Science has a tool to help people throughout the region prepare for a flood.

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Virginia has the nation’s number five port, serving an average of 40 ships a week and connecting more than 200 countries.

And despite talk of trade wars in Washington, the place is poised to grow. 

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Virginia’s major metropolitan areas are thriving, and unemployment is down across the Commonwealth; but there’s one part of Virginia that’s struggling more than others.