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Bird advocates are pushing state officials to make good on a promise to provide new habitat for thousands of migratory sea birds. The animals have been pushed off their old nesting grounds by a massive tunnel project in Hampton Roads. 

Virginia Tech

Birders are celebrating today, after Virginia’s governor announced migratory species would be protected by state law. 

The decision came after the Trump Administration said it would no longer honor the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.  And the Department of Transportation paved traditional nesting grounds as part of the Hampton Roads Bridge and Tunnel expansion.

Contest Aims to Find Sea Level Rise Resilience Projects

Feb 13, 2020
Pamela D'Angelo

Money is key to making the Hampton Roads area resilient as land there sinks and sea-level rises, threatening a key part of the state's economy.  Cost estimates run into the billions of dollars.

Now, small businesses are stepping up with solutions.


Scientists at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science have been gathering data on sea level rise from tide gauge stations around the United States, including one at the mouth of the James River in Norfolk.

For three years they've issued a so-called sea level rise report card.  Recently released 2019 data confirms sea levels are rising faster than first thought.

Virginia Tech

Bird lovers are gearing up to protect the state’s largest sea bird colony -- asking Governor Northam to step in and protect the nesting grounds of gulls and terns that have raised their chicks near the Hampton Roads Bridge and Tunnel Complex for decades.