Jane Lillian Vance

Everyone knows dogs can’t talk.  But what if that were not always true. A new book recounts a mystical meeting between a man and a dog. It takes place high in the Himalayas, where a magical tale, like this one is right at home.

“It begins before the tiny puppy had a name.”

That’s former U.S. Ambassador to Nepal, Scott DeLisi, reading from his new book. In his 35-year career he’s been ambassador to Eritrea and Uganda, among many other places.
“But there was something truly special about the experience of Nepal.”

Sandy Hausman

Nine years ago a farmer in southern Albemarle County found the remains of a young woman in his field.  The discovery was devastating for Morgan Harrington’s family who had waited 100 days – not knowing the fate of the 20-year-old who went missing after a Metallica concert at UVA.  Since then, those who loved her have been working to ensure that she’s not forgotten, and that other families won’t face similar tragedies.