New River Valley

Carilion Clinic is now the largest private employer west of Richmond.  And a new study shows the health care provider’s economic impact in the whole state is large.


Virginia could soon cast the deciding vote on the Equal Rights Amendment. It was first proposed almost a hundred years ago and came close to becoming the law of the land in the early 1970s.   And when Congress refused to ratify it, it inspired a woman named Pat Brown to work for women’s rights. Brown lead the Women’s Resource Center of the New River Valley for 33 years. She’s stepping down this month.

Applications are now open for a business plan competition focused on retail, recreation and tourism in Giles County.  They’re offering mentoring workshops for applicants and thousands of dollars for winners to start or enhance  existing businesses.

David Seidel

A group trying to bring passenger trains back to the New River Valley heard Thursday night from lots of folks who want to make it happen: State delegates, a congressman, college officials, even the state transportation secretary.

They also heard that it’s not happening anytime soon.

Pulaski Yankees

For the majority of her life, Betsy Haugh has been around sports.  Growing up, she says most family vacations were spent at tournaments instead of the beach.

At age 25, she’s already turned her passion into a budding career in minor league baseball.