After the Second World War, many U. S. hospitals were dangerously short on nurses.  The University of Virginia’s medical center came up with a novel solution – training  girls who had few other options. 

Now, more than 60 years later, UVA is apologizing and saying thanks to those unsung nurses.

If you’ve stayed at a hospital in Virginia, you may have noticed  some of the nurses were from the Philippines.  Thousands have come to this country over the years and a Virginia man has set out to explain why.

Your Happy Little Pill

May 8, 2018

Your Happy Little Pill by Kataeya Daley, a student at UVA School of Nursing

Caring For Mrs. J

May 8, 2018

Each year, the University of Virginia's School of Nursing sponsors a writing competition for its students -- a chance to reflect on the career they've chosen. 

This year's winner was graduate student Kit Barger, who recalled the case that taught her to speak up for her patients.