Opioid Abuse

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A data sharing platform aimed at fighting opioid abuse and addiction is being expanded into southwest Virginia.

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Prescription painkillers and their chemical cousin, heroin, killed more than 1,400 people in this state last year alone. Experts blame doctors for prescribing too many addictive pills, but another group of professionals that bears some responsibility for this epidemic and some power to prevent future deaths.


With opioid addiction reaching what some are calling epidemic proportions in Danville, law enforcement has an obvious role to play. Treatment and prevention specialists say the Danville Police are doing more than just arresting offenders.

1 in 100 Babies in Virginia Suffer from Opioid Withdrawal

Jun 28, 2017

Last year, for every 100 babies born in Virginia, one was already suffering withdrawal from drug use. And while that statistic is alarming, health care providers are trying to see it as an opportunity -- to reach patients who need the most help.

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With opioid abuse on the rise in much of Virginia, one of the hardest hit cities is Danville where the addiction rate is 25-percent higher than the statewide average. While opioid addiction has some things in common with other addictions there are also significant differences.