The Kaiser Family Foundation says on average kids between the ages of 8 and 18 spend more than seven hours a day staring at a screen. That’s often at the expense of playing outside. 

Here in Virginia, one group hopes to lure children back to the fields, woods and streams.

Walter Smith

Far Southwestern Virginia has long been what’s called, an ‘extraction economy,’ where coal and other resources are dug up and shipped out.  Now, local leaders are looking to a new attraction economy, based on Eco- and Agri-tourism, and all that comes with it.

Southwest Virginia is home to world-class outdoor attractions, from its rivers and mountains to biking, hiking and more. Community development groups are looking to capitalize on those natural assets to make the region a destination for eco-tourism.  And that’s not something you can outsource.

Women in the Field of Natural Resources

Oct 28, 2016

The advent of the first female, major party presidential candidate comes at a time when women are still under represented in other traditionally male dominated professions. For example, careers in natural resources, from forest rangers to firefighters, have long been the province, mostly, of men.   As Robbie Harris tells us, this weekend, Virginia Tech is holding what may be the first ever conference for “Women in Natural Resources” to make sure people know it’s a field that’s open to all.