Chris Gensic

While most of this state’s gardening gets done in the spring and summer, Virginia’s tree lovers have been busy this fall.  Sandy Hausman reports on an effort to plant 620,000 – one for each man who died in the Civil War.

Virginia Tree Climbers Compete Against World's Best

Apr 8, 2016
Pamela D'Angelo

You may not know it but climbing trees is a competitive sport among certified arborists and three of Virginia's top professional tree climbers headed to Texas this past weekend to the International Tree Climbing Championship- one defending his title as world champion.

Like most kids, James Earhart began climbing trees when he was about five. But by the time he was 13 he was climbing 50 and 60 foot trees. He rigged his father's old rappelling gear and a dog leash to make the climbs. The neighbors paid attention.