Virginia Elections

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Republicans have controlled Virginia’s House of Delegates for almost two decades.  At the height of their power they outnumbered Democrats two-to-one.

But shifting demographics, and a fierce backlash to President Trump, has put the party on defense.

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The 2020 presidential primaries are less than a year from now, and already campaigning is well underway. And while most people see that quadrennial ritual as a way for voters to choose their party’s candidate, a new book argues, that it’s actually the political parties themselves that run the show. 

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Just how difficult is it to vote in Virginia? New research suggests the state ranks towards the bottom when it comes to Election Day barriers.

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Voters are headed to the polls in a few weeks to cast their ballots in the November general election. But lawmakers and elected officials are already thinking ahead to the June primaries.

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Tuesday is Election Day in Virginia. Voters will be selecting candidates for November’s Congressional midterms. Officials have been prepping to make sure voting systems are secured against cyber attacks.