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The Trump Foundation is done. What happens next?

5 hours ago

Tuesday morning, New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood announced that her office had reached a settlement with the president to dissolve the Trump Foundation. The Trump family's charity has been the target of a suit by the state of New York since this last summer, accusing the nonprofit of "persistently illegal conduct." The shutdown is the latest development in the ongoing dispute between the two.

Fifth-generation technology is designed to be faster and to connect more devices at once. The hope is that it may spur new ways of communicating person to person, but also between devices, enabling things like autonomous vehicles. AT&T says it is starting its 5G rollout with a dozen cities where it has a strong client base. Phase two will follow specific industries, like health care or manufacturing. But could that focus on cities that already have infrastructure widen the digital divide?

A history of U.S. recessions

5 hours ago

Headline after headline suggests we might have to face another recession in 2019.

Labor shortages are developing, wages are rising and the Federal Reserve is trying to slow down economic growth.

"Feel the market ..."

6 hours ago

The president has some advice for the Federal Reserve ahead of the Fed's meeting on interest rates. We'll talk to Bloomberg’s Jeanna Smialek about the recent market volatility and what is causing uncertainty. Also, several new studies have found many CEOs are worried a recession is near, even if the economy is relatively strong. Is it possible to talk ourselves into a recession? Plus: The attorney general of New York ordered a dissolving of the Trump Foundation amid an ongoing lawsuit and investigation into the foundation's finances.

95: Dusting off our crystal ball for 2019

6 hours ago

It's our last new episode of 2018, which means it's time to check in on the predictions we made this time last year. Were we right or wrong? And what's coming next? Some of our favorite guests are back to help out, like activist Ai-Jen Poo, comedian Adam Conover and librarian of Congress Carla Hayden. And, of course, we'll hear from you and what you're seeing in the mists for 2019.