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Libertarian to Other Candidates for Governor: Grow Up

Steve Helber



Five days before Virginians elect their next Governor, the third-party candidate is accusing his opponents of acting like children.


Cliff Hyra, the Libertarian candidate for Governor, stood outside Richmond’s capitol Thursday and condemned the tone of several recent attack ads -- run both by Democrat Ralph Northam’s campaign, and Republican Ed Gillespie’s.


Hyra told a story of his seven year old daughter asking if grown ups really fought like the way she had seen the two candidates fight. "These two do," Hyra told her.



“I think that they’re convinced it’s effective, and I think that they’re running a consultant driven campaign and somebody along the line told them that if they wanted to win that they had to do this,” Hyra said. “And the most important thing to them is that they win.”

Hyra is currently polling at about 3-percent.


More Information: Meet Your Libertarian Candidate for Governor, Cliff Hyra


He also announced he’ll release several policy papers in the coming days. He hopes voters will go online and compare the ideas of all three candidates.

“And choose a candidate not based on fear or attack ads but based on who they think is most closely aligned with their own positions of what they think is best for the future of Virginia,” said Hyra.

Later in the day, both Gillespie and Northam’s campaign each released a new ad attacking the other.

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