State Regulators Consider Buckingham Compressor Station

Nov 8, 2018

After a lengthy public hearing Thursday, the state Air Pollution Control Board was expected to vote Friday on a permit for a key piece of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. 

Instead it put off the decision until December 10th to gather more information.

Opponents raised concerns about air and noise pollution in the historically African American community in Buckingham County where it would be built.

Dominion Energy, the main developer of the pipeline, says it is confident the permit will eventually be approved.  A spokesman says restrictions placed on the project will greatly reduce emissions and almost eliminate noise and visual impacts in the community.


Original story from Thursday  November 8, 2018


A state regulatory board is preparing to vote on a key permit for a giant compressor station in rural Virginia. Dominion will use the station to push natural gas through the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.


But opponents say the construction is being thrust on a historically black community.

Members of Virginia’s Air Pollution Control Board heard hours of public comment Thursday about the Buckingham Compressor Station.

Supporters argue it could stimulate the rural area’s economy. Dominion says they’ll abide by some of the strictest environmental standards in the country.

John and Ruby Laury fear the Atlantic Coast Pipeline will rob them of clean air, clean water and the quiet of their rural neighborhood.
Credit Sandy Hausman / RADIOIQ

But opponents, like Ella Rose, fear the community’s health, and history, is at risk.

“I feel that we have been targeted because it is an historical African American neighborhood,” say Rose -- who lives near the proposed site. “It’s special because I breathe the free air and I love to watch the animals and the stars in the sky at night and I’m afraid that’s going to be distracted.”

The state air pollution control board is expected to vote on the permit Friday.

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