Air Pollution

Should Virginia work with other states to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

Voters may end up deciding that issue this November.

National Parks Conservation Association

When you think about a national park, you probably think about fresh air, but the fact is that pollution blows through many of our parks, including the Shenandoah.  The EPA came up with a rule to address air quality, but park advocates complain that the Trump administration is getting in the way of improvements.


Virginia’s air quality has been a topic of debate in recent years, as environmentalists have clashed with business interests. Meanwhile, the quality of Virginia’s air has suffered according to a new report.

Mallory Noe-Payne/Radio IQ

A state board in Virginia approved a controversial plan Tuesday to build a natural gas compressor station in a historic African-American community, prompting angry shouts of "shame" from more than 200 opponents.

Trump Plan Shifts Clean Power Debate to States

Aug 27, 2018

President Trump’s new proposal to replace the Obama-era Clean Power Plan has sparked a debate in the Commonwealth about the state’s energy future.