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Kluge-Ruhe Museum at UVA

Charlottesville is home to this country’s only museum of art created by indigenous Australians.  The Kluge-Ruhe has more than 2,100 paintings, ornaments and tools, but some of those objects are going home after decades in America. 

Humorist, author, and comedian Paula Poundstone returns to in-person performance with a show at Virginia Tech's Moss Arts Center.

All Things Considered host Luke Church spoke with her about her return to performance and how she spent her time during the pandemic lockdown.

Jeff Bossert/Radio IQ

As the country works to slowly return to normal, a Roanoke Theater company has carefully researched how to safely entertain before an audience again.

After a year of virtual shows and classes, the May 8 opening of A Midsummer Night’s Dream marks Mill Mountain Theatre’s first in-person performance since 2019.

Family histories aren’t always reliable.  Memory plays tricks, and some relatives are prone to boasting, but one suburban Richmond man now has proof.  His dad was telling the truth when he boasted about a famous jazz musician who wrote him a song. 

Victory Hall Opera

Soapstone is a rock found in only a few places on earth – in Alaska, Brazil, Finland and Central Virginia.  Over the years, industry took 600,000 tons of it from quarries in Nelson County.  Now, two of those quarries have been turned into a garden of native plants, and this summer that garden will host a surprising performance.