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Eduardo Montes-Bradley

The Virginia Film Festival is presenting fifty movies this year – among them, more than a dozen documentaries.  Most were made by a group -- people who do research, write, interview, compose music, create graphics, shoot and edit, but one award-winning documentarian does it all.

Joe Fab

Diane Rehm was a popular talk show host on NPR when she retired in 2016.  Now in her early 80’s, she’s still working – producing a podcast, a blog, a book and a documentary about physician-assisted death. It’s part of the Virginia Film Festival .

Mill Mountain Theatre

Like most performing arts groups, a professional theatre company in Roanoke has shut down productions amid the pandemic, and is now just looking for ways to stay relevant while looking to next year.

Mill Mountain Theatre recently announced it was cancelling the rest of its 2020 season, abiding by health guidelines.

The Marching Virginians

Health and safety precautions have already postponed two football games at Virginia Tech, but the team will take the field at Lane Stadium Saturday night.  Those delays have meant another 300-plus students are in limbo.

The Marching Virginians have been more than ready to perform, and plan to bring back a little normalcy this weekend.

Mallory Noe-Payne / RADIOIQ



Back in April, RADIO IQ brought you a story about a project bringing gardens and food to families throughout central Virginia, called 'Resiliency Gardens.' Since the effort began organizers have installed more than 300 raised beds. But their latest undertaking is a bit more high-profile than someone’s backyard.