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All summer long the Lee Monument in Richmond has been transformed each night by projections. They’ve included the faces of victims of police brutality and of African-American icons like Frederick Douglas. The artists behind the work have now tackled a different project. 

Bach on the Banjo

Nov 5, 2020
John Bullard

Most classical music was written for instruments that evovled in Europe.  The banjo, on the other hand, comes from Africa and is central to the sound of American bluegrass.  Now, a Virginia man brings those two traditions together as Sandy Hausman reports.

Artists, Scientists Capture Ghosts of the Coast

Oct 30, 2020
Pamela D'Angelo

For Halloween, we bring you a different kind of ghost story. And it’s a ghost you’ve likely encountered.


With the pandemic putting an end to lots of human activities that bring us joy, plenty of people have contracted a case of the blues, but at the University of Virginia some students are hoping to help with a new service based on an old idea – the singing telegram. 

Why Fish Don't Exist

Oct 27, 2020

The popular show Radiolab has chosen two new hosts to join Jad Abumrad -- Latif Nasser and Lulu Miller, a reporter and author with ties to Virginia.  Miller came to Charlottesville some years ago for a creative writing program at UVA and finished a book during her time with Virginia Humanities.