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David Crank

The Academy Awards will be broadcast Sunday from Los Angeles, and one Virginia man will be in the audience, hoping for his first Oscar. 

Kristin Swenson

According to the Guiness Book of World Records, the most popular volume of all times is The Bible with an estimated 2.5 billion copies sold over the last 200 years. 

That doesn’t surprise Charlottesville author Kristin Swenson.  Frankly, she considers the Good Book weird and has made it the subject of her latest scholarly work. 

Bettye Kearse/Eduardo Montes-Bradley

On March 16th, descendants will mark the birthday of James Madison, America’s fourth president and the author of our constitution.  Among them, an African American woman who has written a book about Madison’s Black relations. She is now the subject of a film called The Other Madisons.

Victory Hall Opera

COVID has put the kibosh on most live performances in this country, but an opera produced in Charlottesville will go on in an unusual way. 

Performance artists Steven Licardi and Courtney Surmanek work in a field they call "creative aging." They wanted to do something to help keep people stay engaged in life and connected in these times, when everywhere, doors were closing.