Atlantic Coast Pipeline

The developers of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline have announced they are canceling the multi-state natural gas project due to delays and “increasing cost uncertainty.”

The United States Supreme Court has removed one of the legal hurdles to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

Stephanie Klein-Davis

Over the last few days Virginians upset by police treatment of George Floyd and other people of color took to the streets of many cities and town. 

But for people in rural areas, gathering large groups for public protest isn't easy.  That's why opponents of new gas pipelines came up with another way to make their feelings known

Southern Environmental Law Center

Environmentalists will be back before the Supreme Court Monday, arguing that the Atlantic Coast Pipeline should not be built under the Appalachian Trail.  The court will have to decide whether the AT is National Park Service land.

A federal appeals court has thrown out a permit needed in Virginia by developers of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.