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The last remaining journalist at the Floyd Press says she’s been fired by corporate owner Lee Enterprises after doing an interview detailing difficult work conditions. 

Mallory Noe-Payne / RADIOIQ



Lee Enterprises is one of the largest corporate newspaper chains in the country, and the company now owns more than a dozen daily papers throughout Virginia -- plus more weeklies. Lee bought the newspapers back in March from BH Media for $140 million. Since then they’ve fired reporters, outsourced work, and furloughed staff. 

Carolina Memorial Sanctuary, Mills River, NC

The Pandemic has brought the idea of death so much closer to us all. And that has helped revive a plan, long in the works, for an ‘eco-friendly’ green burial ground in Floyd.  Robbie Harris has more.



Alan Graf

 There’s a monument you see outside courthouses and government buildings in many parts of the south. It’s called the “Common Confederate Soldier Statue.” There are some 50 copies of them in Virginia alone. One is in Floyd County, where people are grappling with the meaning of these monuments.

It wasn’t that long ago that one of every three people in this country were farmers. But over the last century small farming has been almost entirely replaced by agri-business, land development and better paying jobs in practically every other industry. Farmer, activist, and educator Charlie Thompson grew up in southwest Virginia amid a disappearing landscape of family farms.

His new book is called, GOING OVER HOME, A Search for Rural Justice in an Unsettled Land.