Health Care

United States Congress / Wikimedia Commons

As Congress approaches the end of the year, the Democratic House majority is introducing a flurry of new legislation — including reforms to health care.

One bill aims to create more transparency about the cost of care.

Wellness GM / Flickr

Virginia government officials are on the road this fall, listening to the concerns of women across Virginia about delivering babies. It’s an effort aimed at curing the crisis in maternal mortality for African-American women.

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Democrats are divided about how much of America’s health insurance should be run by the government. That’s leaving some industry groups worried about the future of Virginia’s rural hospitals.

Carilion Clinic

Southwest Virginia’s largest hospital is about to get even bigger.  Carilion Clinic announced a major expansion Wednesday.

Rog Cogswell / Creative Commons

The Democratic Party seems to be moving to the left with most of its high-profile presidential candidates embracing proposals like Medicare for All.

But Virginia Democrats are resisting the trend.