House of Delegates

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Virginia’s Board of Elections will not allow Republican Delegate Nick Freitas on the ballot this November. That decision came during a board meeting Tuesday.

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A GOP state lawmaker says he’s willing to step aside as a candidate, if it means voters in his district can get a Republican on the ballot. The election in central Virginia could impact party control of the statehouse. 

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Supporters of expanding Medicaid are celebrating movement in the House of Delegates after many years of resistance. The House included an expansion in its state budget proposal released over the weekend.

The expansion still has to get through the Senate, though, which did not include  the effort in its budget version.

Lawmakers in Richmond are dealing with a number of firsts walking the hallways, including the first lesbian first Asian-American woman lawmakers. And the first transgender delegate is causing some language to shift.

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After a recount, a court battle and a contested ballot, the race for the seat representing Newport News in the House of Delegates finally has a winner: Republican David Yancey. 

Yancey won the race by random drawing at a public meeting in Richmond Thursday.