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Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax filed a $400 million lawsuit Thursday against CBS, alleging the company defamed him when it broadcast interviews with two women he says have falsely accused him of sexual assault.

The lawsuit filed in federal court Thursday alleges nobody at the company investigated or adequately fact-checked the allegations made by Meredith Watson or Vanessa Tyson before airing them. It says CBS' actions have damaged Fairfax's reputation and "once promising career and political prospects."

Beginning late next week, Virginians should keep an eye on their mailboxes for a letter from the state. In it will be a check, a tax refund thanks to a budget move by state lawmakers earlier this year. 

The Wise Health Wagon

In parts of Virginia, there’s no medical care facility for miles. And if there are any, too often, people can’t afford to go. For decades, the “Wise Health Wagon” has traveled Virginia's Appalachian Mountains, treating patients free of charge.  

Perrone Robotics

There’s been lots of talk about autonomous vehicles -- cars and trucks that drive themselves, and there are several demonstration projects around the nation, but a Virginia company believes it’s the first to offer public rides on public roads. 

What kind of reparations could begin to make amends for slavery?

In Alexandria, a new $2 million effort is underway.