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A Virginia Indian tribe that's been without a cultural base for three centuries will soon have one.  And a small town on the Eastern Shore is wondering how to deal with a plaque that memorializes both World War One soldiers and segregation. 

Courtesy Radford Early Childhood Learning Center

Turns out, necessity is the mother of invention.

Seven years ago, the city of Radford had no accredited child care center, an important standard to ensure high quality early education. No national company was willing come to town because the population in the area is small, and a high percentage of children live below the poverty level. Despite the odds, they made it happen by turning every ‘no’ into a ‘yes.'                                                                       

Budget officials in Washington are considering an accounting tweak that could harm people who live in poverty.


After the Second World War, many U. S. hospitals were dangerously short on nurses.  The University of Virginia’s medical center came up with a novel solution – training  girls who had few other options. 

Now, more than 60 years later, UVA is apologizing and saying thanks to those unsung nurses.


Former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is now the acting director of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, and that’s riling even some Republicans in the Senate.