Primary Elections

MBandman / Creative Commons

Two local races in Northern Virginia might have big implications for the criminal justice system in Virginia.



A lot is at stake for Virginia this November, when all 140 state lawmakers are up for election. Democrats are hoping they can take control of the state legislature for the first time in decades. But first, they have to choose the right candidates for the job.

Virginia Public Access Project

The primary is only one month away, but most voters don’t even know — or care — about the election.

When 23 Republicans crossed party lines last year and voted in favor of expanding Medicaid, many conservatives were warning of a wave of primary opposition this year.

University of Michigan Press

The 2020 presidential primaries are less than a year from now, and already campaigning is well underway. And while most people see that quadrennial ritual as a way for voters to choose their party’s candidate, a new book argues, that it’s actually the political parties themselves that run the show.