City leaders continued their weekly, online news conference detailing their response to COVID-19 Wednesday. But the event was largely dominated by recent protests in the city.

Outpouring of Anger and Frustration Across Virginia

May 31, 2020
Mallory Noe-Payne/Radio IQ

Protests against the killing of African American men and women by police continued all weekend, from one end of Virginia to the other.

AP Photo/Steve Helber

The Virginia Department of Health reassigned coronavirus tests that were missing zip code data.

The change affects some 37,000 test results statewide that were listed as unassigned. 

AP Photo/Steve Helber

Recordkeeping errors may be to blame for the Roanoke City Health District’s low COVID-19 testing numbers.

If Virginia remains on track to move into Phase One next week, the city's popular greenways will begin reopening on May 15th.