The city of Roanoke has been chosen to participate in a new program from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. It aims to help people not only find a place to live, but also get out of poverty.

Nick Gilmore / RADIO IQ

After several months of meetings and fielding public feedback – Roanoke’s Task Force to Reduce Gun Violence has presented its recommendations to City Council. However, the group’s work is far from over.

David Seidel/Radio IQ

Roanoke has a gang problem, federal prosecutors say.

But a new partnership between law enforcement, city government and the school system, hopes to stop it.

Alma Ensemble

When it comes to classical music, women’s voices are rarely heard.  A 2018 study found that 95 percent of concerts worldwide, perform works composed by men only. 

But that may be changing.  In Virginia, a new ensemble is making female composers its focus. The trio, Alma, will be traveling around the state to play live chamber music with a twist.

Stephen Jenkinson

An unusual theater performance examines what it means to die well.  "Night of Grief & Mystery" is an evening of wondering aloud, in music and spoken word, about longing, love and death. As part of its north American tour, the show will stop in Roanoke  October 17th.