Southwest Virginia

Food Access for Students

Food insecurity has become more of a problem, for more people, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s something many don’t want to talk about. 

Micki Palmersheim


More people are planting gardens this spring to supplement their food supply during the Coronavirus pandemic. But what you plant makes all the difference for the long run, because so many food crops depend on pollinators to reproduce.

It’s never been really clear which plants and pollinators work best together. Now, biologists at Virginia Tech are launching a study to find out. 

Remember shopping?  In stores? The onslaught of the Coronavirus isn’t the only culprit in their ongoing demise. But what’s surprising is that even secondhand shops have been closing in southwestern Virginia, before the pandemic shut everything down. 

Kurt Holtz

The evening tribute to health care workers in New York is resonating around the country. And a retired doctor is in Blacksburg is doing his own riff on that theme at the same time each evening in the  Ellett Valley.

Carilion Clinic is now the largest private employer west of Richmond.  And a new study shows the health care provider’s economic impact in the whole state is large.