Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

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Artist Kehinde Wiley, best known for painting President Obama’s official portrait, has announced his first large-scale public sculpture. And Virginia will ultimately be its home. The piece is modeled after one of the Richmond’s Confederate monuments.

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts



Virginia’s Museum of Fine Arts has one of the finest collections of Himalayan art in North America and visitors can now see it on unique display.

It’s been 65 years since the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts did something no other museum in the world had tried – putting part of its collection on board a truck so people in distant communities could see original paintings and other works of art.  Now, the museum is poised to start the engine on Artmobile 2.0. 

China's Ancient Terracotta Soldiers on Display in Richmond

Nov 21, 2017
Courtesy of Virginia Museum of Fine Arts



The ancient Chinese terracotta army is part of a UNESCO World Heritage site halfway around the world, but now Virginians will get the chance to glimpse the history in their own backyard.

It was 1974, and farmers in China were digging a well when they stumbled on one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of the century: a life size army, made of clay, built and buried by an ancient Chinese emperor.

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

With talk of Charlottesville and Civil War monuments dominating the news cycle, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Director addressed the institution's Confederate past while looking forward to its future Thursday morning. A new exhibit, highlighting the artistic legacy of Native Americans, hopes to reinforce the museum’s long-time message of inclusion.