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On Capitol Hill, senators are grappling with how to handle allegations of sexual misconduct. But it’s a drama that’s also playing out on the campaign trail.

Farmers Hit By Weather, Tariffs

Sep 27, 2018
Pamela D'Angelo

First came torrential rains, then record heat, then more rain. Add the tariff battle with China and farmers are having a tough year.

Virginia's Northern Neck is one region taking a hit.

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Lawmakers are in Richmond Thursday to evaluate a new set of redistricting proposals. And as Republicans and Democrats throw out competing maps it’s left us with a question: can redistricting be done without people at all?

Virginia Department of Education

School accreditation ratings are out Thursday in Virginia. But for parents and teachers things may not look so familiar. That’s because the state has implemented a whole new rating system, shifting the focus away from test scores. Schools will be evaluated on student growth, how often students miss school,  and achievement gaps between African-American students and their white peers.

In the complicated and competitive world of business climate rankings, tax policy plays a big role.  And while Virginia ranks in the middle of the pack accordint to  a new Business Tax Climate analysis, the Commonwealth is losing ground in some areas.


While some states have legalized recreational marijuana and other states have decriminalized possession, arrests in Virginia rose last year to the highest level in a decade.  People convicted of a first offense are not sent to jail but face other serious consequences.

Virginia’s Secretary of Public Safety is suspending a controversial prison policy before it takes effect.  Officials had planned to ban women visiting prisons from using tampons, because they claimed those sanitary products could be used to smuggle-in contraband. 

Chesapeake Conservancy

In July, Virginia's Department of Environmental Quality asked the public to weigh-in on fines and actions against a New York company that violated environmental regulations on pristine cliffs above the Rappahannock River.

Now they're asking the Attorney General's office to weigh in, as well.

Kate Thompson



At an apartment building in the Highland Park neighborhood of Richmond, Dr. Amy Paul is making a housecall. But the person who greets her at the front door isn’t the patient. It’s home health aide Vickie Grady.

Michael Pope

For decades, colleges and universities in Virginia have used race as a factor in their admissions policies to ensure a diverse student body. Now the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate is calling for an end to that practice.


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