The Virginia Department of Health's website is also now displaying a timeline of reported cases and some demographic information.

Karen Acree

Many people who are elderly or who have disabilities, and still live at home, rely on home health workers. The workforce is composed of tens of thousands of Virginians, the vast majority of whom are women. 

Nationwide the median income for home health workers is less than $25,000. Now these low wage workers are on the frontlines of a pandemic, and advocates worry they’re being overlooked. 

An unprecedented interruption in the global supply chain is testing the system mightily. Inventories of everything from vital medical supplies to household staples like toilet paper are in high demand, causing panic up and down the chain. 


There are now 391 cases of COVID-19 in Virginia. That's more than 100 new cases since Tuesday's update.

Cynthia Goldsmith / CDC via AP

The coronavirus crisis is not the first time Virginia has dealt with a major pandemic.