Christine Kueter

First it was toilet paper, then yeast, garden gnomes, and gas.

Now, as society reopens, it’s pallets that are in short supply, a behind-the-scenes commodity used to transport goods from factories and farms to distributors, retailers, and us.


Now that Republicans and Democrats have chosen their candidates for attorney general, voters are already seeing a bit of what the fall campaign season will look.

Now that candidates in the race for governor have been determined, a couple of new polls show it's already a tight race.


As Congress debates how much to spend on infrastructure, the battle lines are forming over another part of the Biden administration’s plan to rebuild this country.  This one is about kids and who takes care of them.

Kluge-Ruhe Museum at UVA

Charlottesville is home to this country’s only museum of art created by indigenous Australians.  The Kluge-Ruhe has more than 2,100 paintings, ornaments and tools, but some of those objects are going home after decades in America.