Demographics Research Group and Va. Dept. of Education

Schools in Virginia’s urban areas are bursting at the seams, growing faster than they have the capacity to handle.

But some of those students might be heading to the suburbs soon.

Virginia Public Access Project

When Norfolk needed to make room for thousands of evacuees ahead of Hurricane Florence a city regulation threatened to slow down the process.  And when a Commonwealth's Attorney wanted to reduce his own salary he also found the law standing in his way.

Fifty years ago, people began abandoning cities for the suburbs of Virginia. Then cities made a comeback and became thriving cultural centers.

Now, the pendulum may be swinging the other way.

We’ve known for decades that children in poor or under-educated families face more challenges in later life than their peers. But we also know that the most vulnerable kids, actually benefit the most from early childhood education. The Alliance for Better Childcare Strategies, known as A-B-Cs, is hosting a conference for early childcare educators this Saturday in Christiansburg.

The digital age is revolutionizing the way new books get published.  And that’s how history students at Virginia Tech were able to write, edit, and publish a new work all their own. 

Their book is about the rock group that created its own musical revolution decades before these students were born. It’s called Welcome to the Beatles.