Charlottesville Community Foundation

A coalition of groups in Charlottesville will announce a bold new plan to end homelessness in that community Thursday.  They won a big grant to buy and rehab a hotel and to build new housing for as many as 140 people. 

The hospital system that serves southwest Virginia and northeast Tennessee is warning that another COVID-19 surge is building in the region.  This surge is impacting younger people in the community.

Two of the largest tax incentives in Virginia are about to end, although members of the General Assembly and the governor are divided about what to do with the money.

U.S. Department of Education

A Virginia Department of Education workgroup released guidance on Tuesday detailing recommendations on how to continue reopening schools and address lost learning time due to the pandemic.

Virginia is ceasing the use of all Johnson & Johnson vaccines while the federal government investigates rare reports of potentially dangerous blood clots among recipients of the vaccine.