Faced with climate changes that are taking a toll on our shoreline, our forests and farms, Virginia has agreed to stop burning fossil fuels by 2050. 

To see if that’s actually possible and to explain what we’ll have to do over the next thirty years, experts at the University of Virginia have produced a report called Decarbonizing Virginia’s Economy.


The dramatic events of January 6th put an early end to analysis of the Democrats’ electoral victory in Georgia, but people who follow politics are talking about it now. 

Sandy Hausman reports on what it signals to the Republican Party and where the GOP might go from here.

The U.S. Forest Service has given final approval for construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline along a stretch of land that runs through Giles and Montgomery Counties – in addition to Monroe County in West Virginia.

2020 exposed the need for eviction prevention measures in Virginia.

Now, a set of rules and relief programs are in place that could help both landlords and tenants cope with financial challenges in the coming year.

The U.S. Supreme Court

Virginia’s Legal Aid Justice Center goes before the U.S. Supreme Court Monday to argue for people seeking asylum in the U.S.   Thousands are forced to wait in detention centers for months or years until a decision in their case is made.