Music Award Celebrates Tolerance and Diversity

Mar 8, 2018

You know that expression, “When you see something, SAY something?” Well it’s not always about something negative.  A Floyd resident saw something good and wanted to say something about it.  

Maggie Blankenship

Alan Graf is a former civil rights attorney who treats the first amendment like a close personal friend.  He’s also a musician and music too, is a way of speaking.   So, he decided to create an award, honoring musicians,who speak out for change in the world, and stand up against racism and intolerance.  It’s first recipient: Maggie Blankenship, a guitarist and fellow band member.  The prize: A 2005 Martin 00028 ec.  -- the Eric Clapton Model.


Blankenship says, "To have something like this and to have this recognition of my intolerance of hate and discrimination in addition to this guitar, it’s just like wow. It’s just crazy and I really hope that this award takes off."

Blankenship is also a student at Radford University.  Graf says he created the award because he was impressed by her response to an incident of racial discrimination by a fraternity member there. Blankenship will accept the Award at the Floyd Country Store this Saturday afternoon.  

(Maggie Blankenship "My Only You and Me" recorded at Windfall Studios, Floyd, Virginia.)

“It’s like a constant battle, this war I cannot win. Everything I thought was right left me drifting in the wind.  Love took over my troubled soul and opened up my eyes….”